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CryptoFlash exchange is a modern exchange, easy for beginners and with advanced functionality for professional traders, with cash-in & cash-out in FIAT. The exchange is friendly and useful for TRON community, as we will list the Tron tokens for FREE.

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CryptoFlash shop is an online fiat and crypto retail service that allows sales B2B, B2C, and C2C. A WEB shopping platform for the sale of a wide range of products and services, which facilitates small businesses to sell to customers all over the world.

CryptoFlash Exchange
The TRON network-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform.





CryptoFlash Exchange is a sleek and modern platform that will bring cryptocurrencies and Tron assets to the masses through usability and a  well-designed user interface.  Easy to understand trading technology for every beginner. For professional trader  we are developing advanced tools. CryptoFlash exchange will be based in the Kingdom of Thailand with acquired licenses SEC and BOT. Trade instantly with FIAT – bank transfers and all major credit cards are supported. Tron assets we will LIST for free. Other coin and asset you can listed from 0,1 BTC. We are committed to providing our users with a wide range of carefully selected crypto asset in a transparented ethical environment. If you wish to list your token on CryptoFlash exchange, please fill the application form, we will be in touch with you shortly.

CryptoFlash Shop
The World’s newest cryptocurrency retail center

CryptoFlash shop is a Platform that will bring crypto comunity online retail service that allows sales business-to-business, business-to-customer, customer-to-customer, affiliate and dropshiping. A WEB shopping platform for the sale of a wide range of products and services, which facilitates small businesses to sell all over the world with low fee. Payment will be possible with crypto or fiat from your account, crypto wallet or credit cards. Instant exchange, the buyer pays with crypto, the dealer gets a fiat. Do not be behind the competitors and ensure that you will have a place among the first seller. If you wish to list your Merchant on CryptoFlash shop, please fill the application form, we will be in touch with you shortly.


Privat sale: 2,000,000 CFTX (lock for 12 months)
Pre sale: 500,000 CFTX + 100,000 CFTX free (lock for 6 months)
Public sale: 2,400,000 CFTX
Strategical partners: 1,000,000 CFTX (lock for 12-24 months)
Team: 500,000 CFTX (lock for 12-24 months)
Marketing: 500,000 CFTX
Bounty: 100,000 CFTX


  • Total Token Supply : 7,000,000
  • Token Symbol : CFTX
  • Token standard: TRC20
  • Type: Utility
  • Price: 500 TRX
  • Hard Cap : $30,000,000
  • Soft Cap : $3,000,000
  • Available for sale : 2,500,000 CFTX
  • Accepted Currencies : TRX, BTC, ETH

CFTX token is designed to offer more favorable fees for
CryptoFlash services on exchange and for paying commissions on CryptoFlash shop,
as well as for purchasing third party products and services at CryptoFlash shop.

Payment of transaction fees on a CFTX exchange is 70% lower than payment in other currencies.
Payment of commissions at a shop with CFTX is 30% cheaper than payment with other currencies.
Shopping at the CFTX shop will be additionally rewarded.

To make your crypto trading easier and smarter

Trading experience

Transparent platform with the ability to dynamically change the design and moving layouts, review orders, multilingual chat, an interactive graph with added tools for technical analysis, rearrangement of orders, and adding the future conditional order.


A transparent wallet with a choice of currency to show the value of a portfolio, showing the price change based on the selected display currency for the last 24 hours and last month. View the trading balance for each coin and for any period. Advanced trading analytical tools.

Record history

A detailed view of the trademark history for the current year, including with the archive from the opening the trading account. Optional display selection for individual trading pair or more of them. Options for adding remittance and payout notes.

Sub-accounts and internal transfers

It will be possible to use sub-accounts, and instant transfers of FIAT and crypto money, both between individual sub-accounts, as well as between different users on the platform. The possibility of hidden trading.


Most of the money will be stored in cold wallets. Mandatory use of 2Fa, the white list of wallet addresses for payouts, option for additional confirmation for payouts. 24/7 monitoring security and 24/7 supporting with multiply languages.


Interoperability Multiple API system. First exchange office with P2P arbitration function built in. Possibility to review prices and graphs on more than 30 other stock exchanges. View the latest news for a single coin. Tracing the trader.

Trading experience

-Try CryptoFlash Exchange

Mobile App

An innovative application that will allow both crypto trading as well as shopping, and much more.

Cryptoflash exchange​

-Global cryptocurrency trading -Multiple exchange trading -Advanced tools -P2P arbitrage -Tracking professional traders

Cryptoflash shop

- Shopping from anywhere - Payments with crypto - Notices - Interesting news - User can earn with app

To make your web selling and web shopping easier and smarter


Platform for large and small traders, and individuals. Sale of new and used products, and sale of services.


Both natural persons and businesses from around the world will be able to choose among many goods and services providers


All payments will be possible directly from the trading account, through payment cards, and through the crypto transactions. Possible automatic conversion.


Business will only be possible with verified customers and traders. Traceability to shipments. Delivery guarantee and dispute arbitration.


Buyers will use the platform free of charge, and sellers will be able to pay a minimum sales charge or lease the time use of the platform.


We will allow each user to dropship and affiliate sales on our platform.

24-hour Support

Growing functionality

Unlimited Deposits & 

CryptoFlash Team

The CryptoFlash team is united by a desire

Meet our experts below.


Piyanut Wonglakhon


Shareholder of CryptoFlash

is an investor who has been dealing with crypto for some time. It did not give her peace that today's crypto exchange offices are very superficial, so she decided to open her own crypto exchange office and fix those issues. Otherwise, she is a professional English to Thai language translator.


Denis Lukavačkić

COO & Co-Founder

Shareholder of CryptoFlash

is an experienced leader and seller for many years for Sportsdirect.com. He is precise and excellent in organizing work, managing staff and executing tasks.  Participates or is a member in various crypto projects. His vision is to provide for the crypto world all that the fiat offers today.


Sami Ahmed

COO & Co-Founder

has been a student of crypto since 2015. He has been involved with a number of projects, most notably managing NYCFlash LLC, a Montana-based company attempting to develop a payment system based upon New York Coin. He has also attempted to develop several projects including New York Gold, AllDayAllNight Poker and co-founded CryptoFlash itself.


Thofun Jamroendee

Assistant Accountant Manager

I finished my schooling in accounting. More than 3 years of experience and work with editing tax papers and I was an assistant in opening new businesses in Thailand either for locals or for foreigners. Crypto laws were adopted in Thailand last year, and this led me to the crypto world to help the CryptoFlash project with all documentation regarding the tax.


Piyachai Wonglakhon

Thailand Office Manager



Thanaphat Techachai-yanon

Thailand Community Manager

is full of will and energy to learn about entrepreneurship. He is obedient and performs tasks with pleasure. It helps advertise and translate English into Thai for various crypto projects. He is also an active searcher for merchants who might want to accept cryptocurrencies  for their services or goods.


Knut Dahl

Scandinavia Community Manager

Knut Dahl is a hobbyist crypto miner and investor. He has been active in crypto since 2018, mining and trading coins he believes to have a future, primarily scrypt-based such as LTC, DGB, NYC and others. Also, helping people in Scandinavia to learn them what crypto is and to introduce them CryptoFlash project.


Aleksander Verdev

Slovenia Community Manager

I am a trader, investor and entrepreneur that have been in the crypto business from late 2016, and had taken part in some of the projects referring coins in 2017. My goal is financial freedom, and lately I’ve been helping others in this business to achieve that, trough sharing my experience and giving advice about the market.





Project support companies

Soon on CryptoFlash Shop

Welcome to the TRON network’s newest and most advanced
cryptocurrency trading platform.


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